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Latest 'Girl' novel interesting, but it's no Larsson
Published in 15-12-2015
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The novels offer a strikingly intelligent, gripping, angry look at political and corporate corruption in Sweden and, by implication, throughout the Western world. Authorized by Larsson's father and brother, who were his heirs, and written by Swedish writer David Lagercrantz, the new book brings back Lisbeth Salander and Mikael Blomkvist, the heroes and occasional lovers in the trilogy. The boy does not speak and barely functions, largely because his mother and her lover bought drugs with the money that should have gone for his treatment. [...] the lover beats him. The father has, by his brilliant hacking, discovered that one corporation, aided by corrupt officials at the NSA, has stolen priceless secrets from another corporation. The boy, who witnesses the attack but survives, proves to be a savant, a near-genius at both drawing and mathematics. Because he may be able to draw an accurate picture of his father's killer, the hit men return. Camilla, the power-hungry leader of a group of criminal hackers, is determined to kill the sister she has hated since childhood.