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Eradication of Zika-spreading mosquito in Brazil unlikely
Published in 19-4-2016
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The assault is part of President Dilma Rousseff's "war" on the Zika virus, which the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says can cause devastating birth defects. [...] Brazil is different; its resources are limited as the country suffers through its worst recession in decades and its president is focused on battling impeachment for allegedly breaking fiscal rules in managing government funds. [...] many scientists believe Zika was introduced to Brazil during the 2013 Confederations Cup soccer tournament. [...] larvae of disease-carrying Aedes aegypti can last up to a year, meaning eradication efforts are threatened by every international traveler and every import unavoidable risks in a country that is visited by millions of tourists and is also among the world's most important emerging economies. In 1963, when the mosquito started returning to Brazil, a WHO council meeting resolution urged "the governments of the countries and territories that are still infested with Aedes aegypti to give the eradication campaign the necessary priority so that the entire hemisphere may be freed of this vector as soon as possible." Jose Carvalheiro, professor of the University of Sao Paulo who was part of campaigns in the 1950s to eradicate Chagas disease, spread by insects known as "kissing bugs," said the military government that came to power in a 1964 coup had other priorities.