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You face on your espresso? Highlights from tech show
Published in 27-6-2015
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NEW YORK (AP) Imagine staring deep into the foam of your favorite espresso drink and seeing a face looking back at you. Ripples combines 3-D and ink-jet printer technologies to paint a picture on top of any foam-covered drink using coffee extract. Baristas can choose a pre-loaded design or upload their own over Wi-Fi, such as a picture of the person receiving the drink, corporate logos or even jokes. The Israeli company behind it, Stream CC, says it has a deal to introduce the machines in Lufthansa's first and business-class lounges this year. The personal beer dispenser takes beer from any store-bought can, bottle or growler and applies some magic to give it the bubbles and taste of something straight from the tap. Using location technology, the MiPosaur can chase after a matching ball, go for a walk with its owner and even dance and make happy sounds. The Ionic ProClean toothbrush generates millions of ions negative by creating a circuit involving the moistened toothbrush and a person's palm or finger. According to the company, the completion of the circuit gets the ions flowing.