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SpaceX capsule to deliver new parking spot for space station
Published in 27-6-2015
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(AP) SpaceX stands ready to launch a much-needed load of supplies to the International Space Station this weekend on the heels of a failed supply run by Russia. Besides food and experiments, the Dragon cargo ship ordered up by NASA holds a new docking port, or parking place, for future commercial crew capsules. Nearly 5,300 pounds of gear is packed for the trip, including replacements for science experiments lost in the Orbital launch accident, some of them designed by students. In both cases, manned flights are still at least two years off. [...] Americans will continue to hitch rides to the space station on Russian rockets for tens of millions of dollars per seat. Russian space officials want to see how that goes before launching a new three-man crew to the station on July 22, two months late because of the April cargo ship mishap.