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Gospel singer Shirley Caesar isn't cooking 'beans, greens' at Thanksgiving
Published in 22-11-2016
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The legendary gospel singer, who is enjoying viral success with a remix of one of her sermon-songs featuring a line referencing food items, says she's not cooking this year during the U.S. holiday. The Grammy-winning singer has become a hot topic online after her song, the 9-minute "Hold My Mule," was re-created with a new addictive beat. [...] Caesar later sings in a live version of the song that John fires back, explaining that God created this land and he's been blessed with beans, greens, potatoes, tomatoes, lambs, rams, hogs, dogs, chicken, turkeys, rabbits. In the new alteration of her song, the viral clip includes the question, "Grandma, what are you cooking for Thanksgiving?" The response is a video of Caesar singing the line "beans, greens..." as well as videos of various people dancing happily. Other videos and photos show people prepping food, including greens and beans, for Thanksgiving. The gospel music icon, who has won 11 Grammy Awards, received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame this year.