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Cyber Monday transforms as shoppers are more connected
Published in 29-11-2016
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Shoppers who have high-speed connections at home and on their phones are pouncing on deals that stores are spreading out over several days, leaving the so-called Cyber Monday online shopping bonanza in danger of losing its title as the top online sales day. "Because Cyber Monday is no longer about the connection, it's just another sales day that I can plan for, like a Labor Day sale or Fourth of July sale," said Gartner analyst Gene Alvarez. The Monday after Thanksgiving has been the busiest day of the year for online shopping since 2010, and referred to the day when people returned after the holiday weekend to offices where they had high-speed internet connections. Adobe's forecast puts Cyber Monday neck-and-neck with Black Friday, when consumers spent $3.34 billion, a 21.6 percent jump from last year. "Because of technology, the shopping process has been deconstructed, and the consumer constructs their own flow," said Alvarez.