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Tom Terrific? Too early to tell, but Savage has right look
Published in 18-4-2017
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A smooth-talking, sharp-dressing professional with an amateur arm, always fighting and clashing behind closed doors with the big boss. Are we going to be dissecting someone new in six months or a year? Because it's the Texans, it's absolutely impossible to say. [...] on the first day we got to meet Bill O'Brien's class of 2017, a fourth-year quarterback with two career starts and zero touchdowns to his name instantly reminded me why he was worth pulling for the second he came into the NFL. "The kid is a go-getter," said wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins, who's on the verge of playing for his 182nd QB in the last four years. While Osweiler became harder and harder to believe in as each week passed - who in the world keeps insisting an NFL team traveled well? - Savage was simple and true during his initial day on the job. People always ask me about that stuff, like the doubters and naysayers, Savage said at NRG Stadium during the Texans' first offseason conditioning workout. [...] what about that cross-country journey that saw Savage bounce from college to college, go more than 1,000 days without a start, then quietly sit behind everyone from Ryan Fitzpatrick and Brian Hoyer to Ryan Mallett and Osweiler before the Texans finally turned to him by default? Is developing and sticking with a QB who can finally take the Texans to the next step a necessity or a luxury afforded only the NFL's elite?