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The Motley Fool: By the way, what's a buy-side analyst?
Published in 30-5-2015
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Buy-side analysts work in-house for institutions such as mutual funds and pension funds, studying possible investments and recommending purchases or sales of various securities. Today, I'm a leading owner-operator of more than 200 golf and country clubs, business clubs, sports clubs and alumni clubs in 26 states and beyond. Shares of online travel giant Priceline (Nasdaq: PCLN) dropped recently, as investors reacted negatively to its latest earnings report. Foreign currency fluctuations are hurting the company, but from a long-term point of view, Priceline looks remarkably solid. Gross travel bookings, the total dollar value of travel services purchased by customers, rose 12 per-cent over the year-ago quarter, totaling $13.8 bil-lion. Overall, Priceline is still growing at a vigorous speed, and it remains a remarkably profitable business, with profit margins well in the double digits.