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Fans online and, perhaps, at bookstores
Published in 1-8-2015
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The result is "Galactic Hot Dogs," his new book about a boy who battles giant mutant worms and zombie space pirates with his sidekicks: a robot, a rebellious princess and a lumbering alien. Simon & Schuster, which has plowed millions into acquiring and marketing "Galactic Hot Dogs," is making a risky bet that a healthy slice of the book's online audience will seek it out in bookstores. In the past few years, multiplatform books with online gaming components have become crucial tools for children's book publishers seeking to reach young readers who are migrating to digital and mobile reading. On Poptropica, children can create cartoon avatars and play games on computers or phones - the sort of sticky, addictive online activity that parents and teachers worry is chipping away at reading time. Most major children's publishers market books heavily on the sites, through straightforward advertisements, book excerpts on Funbrain or interactive games featuring their brands and characters on Poptropica.