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Cape Cod race lets runners compete virtually from treadmills
Published in 15-8-2015
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Whether they failed to snag a coveted bib or are serving overseas in the military, the displaced runners can grab a tablet computer, hop on the treadmill and take off while watching video of the actual course of Sunday's race. Falmouth is among the first races to let runners compete virtually from the treadmill, an idea that others are considering to widen their reach and boost their revenue. For Falmouth, that includes 3,000 runners who were turned away this year because of size limits, along with others who couldn't travel to Cape Cod. Growing interest in the sport has pushed other U.S. races to their capacities in recent years, while attracting technology companies that see a demand for virtual racing. Before now, the company specialized in creating videos that whisk runners away from the treadmill to scenic courses in Central Park or the sandy beaches of Puerto Rico. Another company, RunSocial, has announced plans to offer a virtual version of the London Marathon next year. The technology from Outside Interactive borrows from that concept but tries to create an authentic simulation of the actual course.